Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend Splashes & Dashes

The weather has been ok this weekend,not as hot as predicted but no rain,which cant be a bad thing
So we have got out.

On Saturday we went to the park and played a great game of catch.
Instead of our usual big ball we took a tennis ball and i was so surprised at how well Chipmunk could catch it.

We must have played for at least 40mins and Chipmunk could catch from a fair old distance.
I think he will be good at school sports like cricket,lets watch this space!

Then today it was his beloved #F1
This is becoming more important to Chipmunk as the days pass!

He pours over his #F1 manual and loves all the statistics and placings.

I do not love it as much!
Absolutely too much time spent infront of a tv screen for my liking.
And this morning he spoke to me for a hour about F1,
until I had to say please change the subject and i don't like doing this because no matter how kindly you say it Chipmunk looks so hurt.
But sometimes not even I can take any more F1 talk!

Anyway Chipmunk loved the race and his man won,so he was over the moon.
I cant spell his mans name,its too long and confusing!

We then went out for a walk with my mum and dad.
We walked right round a lake,which pleased me because I thought a least Chipmunk had used a bit of energy up after the F1 slouching.

At the lake we saw baby geese and lots of Mallards,which pleased Chipmunk.
It makes us smile to see the male and female Mallards swimming together.
Mr and Mrs Mallard as we all say now.

Chipmunk took the lead on the walk and marched off in
front until my dad got in on the act and took the lead.
Men always have to win,don't they!

My dad tried to take a photo of us and completely failed,several times,and this made Chipmunk go into peals of laughter and that's a memory I want to keep as he really chuckled away as we sat on a bench being blown to pieces by the wind.
When we got back home Man City had just snatched the Premier Title and so Chipmunk loved seeing all the celebrations on the tv.

Chipmunk went to bed happy and now Sharky is sat completing his maths homework,so I'm going to make him a cuppa and then toddle off to bed.

Tomorrow is Chipmunks SATS and he is more bothered bout them than I would like him to be,so my aim this week is to keep him as stress free as possible.

Not set myself a hard task there then!!!

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