Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Corner

A peaceful corner,a peaceful spot,
A chance to clear my mind,pause and stop.

In my frantic world of rush here and there,
A place to pause,stand and stare.

Stare at the clouds,stare at the trees.
Look at the leaves blowing softly in the breeze.

It's interesting to watch the world go by,
While waiting for my boy and watching clouds in the sky.

Seasons come and seasons go,
I'm stood there in the rain,sunshine and snow.

There is a steady drift of people walking past,
Adults jangling keys and walking fast.

Babies in prams gaze wide eyed all around,
Toddlers trundle by,feet unsteadily feeling the ground.

Mums are busy,chattering away,
Whilst their pre-schoolers dance and play.

Dear corner I wonder what stories you have heard,
What giggles,tales and gossipy words.

The bell rings out,the school days at a end,
I wait for my boy and his group of friends.

The big children come out first,all in a throng,
Mine is always last,sauntering along.

This is where the quiet ends.
A tired,frazzled boy appears by my side,
Full of school day tales to confide.

So little corner,know I love what you bring,
Peace and calm,away from the rush and the din.


Written to link up with Josie at Two Shoes In Texas

The prompts this week were Corner or Rescue

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  1. What an awesome poem, Jess! I could so relate to those moments of peacefulness you were finding at the corner before the noise and business of the end of day begins! We all need to take a few moments now and then to pause and reflect. Some days are so busy I almost forget to breathe! :-) This poem made me miss the days of my own children attending school, so long ago now. I wish you many sweet memories with your son! Thank you so much for the lovely contribution to Two Shoes Tuesday, it made me smile! :-)

    1. Hello again Josie!I had such fun writing this poem,you should have seen me twirling words around my head!And now I love my corner even more,as I have focused in on what it means to me and the funny thing is that I smile about all you Two Shoes Tuesday people when I stand there as I feel we have a connection!Mad but true!
      I know exactly what you mean about almost forgetting to breathe because life gets so busy,thats hoe Iam most days,rushing from here to there and whilever I have got a minute I dont stop.But at the corner I HAVE to stop and that was the essence of my words :-) thank you for hosting such a lovely link xx

  2. This is beautiful, Jess. I enjoy those moments of peace, too.

    Have a lovely day!

    1. Dana your comment about my poem made me smile!I read yours and Josie words to me and began to grin like a cheshire cat!When life gets busy a peaceful corner always comes in handy,doesnt it!Wishing you a peaceful nights sleep x

  3. Peace is a wonderful thing. I love your corner too.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

    1. Hi Sandee,wish you could all come to my corner and feel its peaceful vibes!Its at the edge of a school playground so its not so peaceful sometimes but I think peace is what you make it,thats my view anyway :-) x

  4. This is excellent. We all need our corner; thanks for sharing yours.

    1. Thanks Ann,your words mean a lot to me.Yes the more I think about it I realise we do all need a peaceful corner,somewhere,one that we call our own :-) x

  5. Everyone needs a little corner like this.

    1. Hi Patricia,well it seems that I have claimed this corner as my own peaceful spot and now that I have 'realised' this Im going to use it!Im even thinking of setting off for the school run a bit earlier so I can think,pause and breathe :-) X

  6. what a lovely poem,just read your new post too about your missing hug, sounds sofsamiliar.. lovely words x

    1. Thanks Sarah :-) your comment really cheered me up! I DO love my corner,I have two years to make the most of it and I'm going to make the most of every second! x