Saturday, June 22, 2013

Memories Of Fire

Making toast on a fire,with a toasting fork,
My mum lighting a coal fire,waiting for a spark.
Warming our legs,against the back of a fire.
Using the fire guard,as a clothes dryer.
The smell of a bonfire on a cold and damp November day.
Blowing out birthday candles,making a wish along the way.
Pretend firemen helmets,Fireman Sam books and fire engine toys,
All loved and played with by my three little boys.
Little boys rubbing sticks together,numerous times,
Magnifying glass traps on the patio,all to produce fire!
Ne-Nah,Ne-Nah,Ne-Nah,the nursery children still cry,
Whenever they hear a fire engine hurtle by.
These thoughts of fire have danced around my head,
Vivid fiery memories - yellow,orange and red.

Linking up to Josie for Two Shoes Tuesday


  1. A very vivid piece, and a great contribution to the prompt!

    1. Thanks Ann,I enjoyed thinking about my memories of fire and it turned out that I had more than I first thought I would have,yet again when the mind plays with words and memories it's surprising what turns up :-)

  2. I enjoyed brought back a few memories of the "good old fires" in my life.
    I didn't get the Ne-Nah at first but then I realized it is the sound of the fire engine...we don't have that neat Ne-Nah sound over here.

    1. Hello gsb,that's exactly what happened to me!I got thinking about the days when my mum lit the coal fire and how much work it took to get it to light and how sometimes it 'wouldn't' work! And the frustration of my mum when thst happened.We have it easy these days don't we,just flick a switch and heat appears!
      And I never thought about people not quite getting the Ne Nah sound until you said,I work at a nursery school and I hear it on a very regular basis! I can hear it as I write,ringing in my head!
      Thanks for commenting :-)

  3. Jess, this was a wonderful poem! It did indeed bring back wonderful memories of childhood campfires, toasting marshmallows and hotdogs, and such! I had to smile at the boy's fireman toys, when my son was two my mother gave him a fire helmet for his birthday that had an actual battery-powered LOUD flashing red siren on top, it very nearly drove me nuts, but he loved it! This was a fun read and a great addition to Two Shoes Tuesday, thank you so much!

    1. Hi Josie!Thank you so much for your comment,I know exactly the sort of fire helmet you spoke about!Isn't it typical of people to give our kids loud toys and dont the kids just love them!My eldest used to love his fireman helmets and dress up clothes,I can so picture him proudly wearing them,his hair damp from wearing the helmet for too long!And as for Fireman Sam,he was such a hero in our do like fireman toys don't they.
      Thank you for hosting such a fun linky,it always makes me think and I really enjoy taking part x