Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Today I realised something was missing ~ the 10000 hour dash and hug Mummy after school.

It's gone! Quietly and surreptitiously it has sloped off and disappeared,without me even noticing it!Gone and maybe forever!!! 

How did that happen?How did I not realise that it had gone?

Something so important to me and so noticeable disappearing before my very eyes and me not noticing....what sort of mummy does that make me!

A sad one now that I have realised that it has gone.

And this is the bad bit,it's been gone for months! 10 months infact! 

And I never realised!

Flippin eck,slack mother or what.

Something happened this morning that made me mull this over in my mind.
I watched a little boy being dropped off at nursery by his dad and the dad bent down to the boys level and the boy literally leapt into his dads arms and gave him such heartfelt snuggly goodbye that it melted my heart and played in my head from the moment onwards.

My thoughts ranged from awwww to why did that goodbye seem so touching.

I think it was the run to the dad and the way the dad scooped the boy up in his arms and the ruffle of the boys hair and the words 'See you later,son' and maybe,just maybe it was the smile on the little boys face as he walked into my room,that made me melt

And I've been melted all day by it.

Sometimes,make that lots of times I get to witness real magical stuff,working where I do.

And that got me thinking of how children greet their parents after school and I smiled at how my Chipso used to greet me and then it hit me that he doesn't do it any more!

 Not. At. All.

Let me tell you how it used to be....

Basically I would be bowled over!

Literally bowled over! 

This little curly haired boy would spot me and run all the way to where I stood yelling "Muuuuumeee" in a voice that a village loudcrier would be proud of.

And woe betide you if you were stood in his path because he wouldn't stop,oh no,he would run straight through you.
Wise people would see him thundering towards me and move quickly out of the way....either that or be squished.
Because there was only one thing on that little boys mind and that was how to get to his mummy.

The other parents used to grin as he would launch himself into my arms,nearly knocking me over with his enthusiasm and this became routine and his signature move the knock mummy over hug

It lasted through reception and into year one.It was going strong in year two and transferred over to the juniors for year three but it was in year four it disappeared.

Chips class was right round the back of the school and the parents were not allowed to wait outside the classroom door anymore.

So I meet Chips the nearest possible place to his classroom,under the shady trees in my corner

And he saunters around,not a run in him,always last,always ultra casual.

I think he saunters because its a real long way too run at 1000 miles a hour!

But now the 1000 mile an hour hug has gone I doubt that it will come back.

What is that old saying...

Don't be sad that its gone
Be glad that it happened  


  1. Yeah, those days are gone for me, too. Nathan now asks me to please not touch him when his friends might see...

    1. It's quite a shock when that happens isn't it! Where does the time go,blink and it's gone!

  2. I think that you can say it about any milestone: you are glad that your baby is growing up, and sad that he's no longer a baby. Hugs

    1. Hi Galina,milestones eh they equal bittersweet moments! Aren't us mums a funny old lot! We just love these kiddies so much don't we! x

  3. Gosh, it's so wonderful to watch our children grow up, but so sad that things change too. I have all this to come #PoCoLo

    1. It is wonderful to watch our fab children grow and although Iam always so grateful to see them happy and growing up healthy I do twinge when things like this happen.I just love these boys SO flippin much!

  4. Bitter sweet. Lost mine this year (year 3). New school and he stays on to play and I collect him between 4pm and 4.30pm....and he never wants to leave (which is great in a way, as he loves his school, which makes me really happy, but miss those hugs and greetings...I have to keep reminding myself it's a result and how stressed and upset I'd be if he hated school and clung to me (as he has done in the past).

  5. Hiya Sarah,so it seems that year three and four can be turning points where the young ones drop those heartfelt flinging themselves at mummy hugs.
    I can't believe I never noticed that my 1000 mile an hour hugs had gone!And the funny thing is thst although I didn't notice them going,I now miss it like crazy!
    I'm glad thst your son has settled into year three so well,it's a weight off your mind when you know that they are happy isn't it x

  6. Aw this brought a lump to my throat as I don't get this enthusiastic greeting anymore either :( My youngest baby is also in year 3 and he is quite a shy one. He still loves a cuddle when at home, in fact he was the only spontaneous hugger of all three of mine, but he would never do it in front of his friends anymore. Even if I hold his hand, he just checks to make sure no one is looking! Sad isn't it but we will always have the memories x

  7. What is it about year three everybody!!!Is this officially the year when the school run cuddles start to dwindle?Chips was year four but I'm seeing a pattern here!
    Not all of mine have been spontaneous huggers Suzanne,my first was a cool dude and just a wave would do when he entered school but my middle one would run and hug me anywhere easily up to year three and my youngest is cuddly and holds my hand everywhere but the 1000 mile an hour hug has disapeared I don't think it will be back! As you say....at least we have our memories...a good reason to blog them I think x

  8. Mine is fading too, long gone are the flinging arms and now a peck is rare. I will miss them but the love is still there. #PoCoLo

    1. Yes the love is still there,perhaps shown in not quite as obvious and public way but as you say the love is definitely still there and thank goodness for that! :-)

  9. Awww bittersweet memories. My son wouldn't get out of the car without a kiss in the morning then last year it stopped just like that. Part of growing up I suppose and something we need to get used to. i like your final comment, it's a good philosophy to have

    1. We have to catch these precious moments while we can Lou don't we,as all too soon they are no more!I always feel comforted in the fact that I know that I have made the most of the boys and you cant do more than that :-) #bittersweet