Saturday, June 29, 2013


Calmly Waiting
Happily Waiting
Patiently Waiting
Wishfully Waiting
Pensively Waiting
Swirlingly Waiting
Acceptingly Waiting
Dreamingly Waiting
Thoughtfully Waiting
Pure and simply waiting


Linking up to Josie at Two Shoes In Texas for Two Shoes Tuesday

Ironically I always seem to link my stuff up on a Saturday and even more ironic is that this week I had this short and sweet poem ready last Saturday afternoon,just about one hour after the prompt went out!So the delay in linking is truly unfathomable!But anyhow here it is!And the prompt was Waiting


  1. This one was well worth waiting for, Jess! I loved the way you built up the emotion of waiting, the hopefulness, time suspended. Waiting can be so many things, sad or happy, exciting or scary. Life seems to be made up of many waiting moments, and often when it's really good I wait for the next shoe to fall (bad habit of mine that I'm working on :-) I loved this poem! Thanks for sharing it with Two Shoes Tuesday! :-)

    1. Thank you Josie for your lovely comment,I had a real picture in my mind when I wrote this and it zipped into my head like a flash!But it did wait in my draft folder until Saturday,perhaps it too was meant to wait :-)
      I have come to the conclusion that waiting is sometimes not such a bad thing after all!
      Wishing you a happy Sunday x

  2. Nicely done! I am really happy to see you in our circle here!

    1. Thank you Ann,both yours and Josies comments made my day :-)