Saturday, June 22, 2013

Six Word Saturday 

The Winds Of Change Are Stirring

And the people involved don't particularly like change!

But what's to do?

It's inevitable,its happening,whether we like it or not.

Gotta go with the flow I guess.

All I do know is that it's not easy for us,not at all.

My aim is to therefore keep home as settled as possible,somewhere to touch base and hope that me and the little will cope with the new things ahead.

Is there anybody out there who does like change?If so any tips would come in useful! 

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  1. Yesterday I arrived at work wearing the same shirt I'm wearing in my ID badge photo, which was taken just over a decade ago. Change? Ptui!

  2. I love change! It keeps life interesting and exciting.

    My tip: go with the flow. You can't stop it, so why fight it?

  3. I have such a hard time with change. All I can offer is my best "good luck!"

    I hope you have a wonderful Saturday.

  4. Change can be good. I'm typically a go-with-the-flow kinda person but I will say it is easier if you have time to mentally prepare yourself than to just have change thrust upon you with no warning.

    Hope the change doesn't end up too disruptive! Have a great day.

  5. I think it's the bad, or tragic change that effects me the most, but often after a bit we discover, maybe it's not so bad. There are those changes that make me fill on top of the world. I took our old fire pit area and moved it to another location in the yard, and gee whiz it's like we're camping in a new park!

  6. Workwise I presume, Jess? If it's beyond your control you have to just get on with it, don't you? Maybe it won't be so bad once you're used to it. Good luck! :)

  7. I often talk about change on my blog. Change is inevitable except out of the vending machine. lol. Sometimes you just have to roll with it, change otherwise you get left behind. Not sure what is causing your change or if it is good or bad, hope you can make the best out of it. Focus on what you can do today to ease the burden of whatever it is. Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

  8. I have made some dramatic changes lately. I have stopped coloring my hair and it has caused a lot of reaction especially with my daughter who doesn't like it.

  9. I don't like change either. I find I do a lot of praying to keep me calm.

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