Tuesday, June 25, 2013

C'mon Team Blue!
Blue top,blue hoody,blue joggers,blue socks,blue boxers,yep we are in team blue for sports day! 

The weather looks fine so it's all systems go!

Run fast little children,jump high,smile and enjoy if you can,hear the cheers of your family and friends,stand tall,make the most of a afternoon of leisure,be proud if you win ~ be proud if you don't but you have given it a good try,believe me,your parents will be proud of you no matter what,tingle with excitement when the teacher announces the winning team,go ballistic if you are in that winning team,don't be too upset if you're not ~ you can't 'always' win in life,get through the afternoon whichever way is best for you ~ whether you want to shine at the front or sit quieter at the back,just get through the afternoon and see what it brings....

Fingers,toes and anything else you can possibly cross are crossed for Chips.

Say a little prayer everyone for team blue,let them do well and let my boy enjoy his second sports day at juniors....


  1. All of mother's heart and longing is contained within these words, we want the very best for our children, for them to have fun, and learn life's lessons without too much pain. I hope the day and the events turned out wonderful for your son! :-)

    1. Ah sports day...a very tricky day for us Josie.My young one finds physical stuff very hard,so to have to preform infront of his peers and over 200 parents can be daunting to say the least.
      * Whispers over - we came,now how to put it delicately,far from the top :-)*
      But,and this is the most excellent bit,the little guy was so much more at ease than last year ( when ironically his team won )so although he perhaps doesnt think so,I feel he succeeded and I was VERY happy,pleased and proud with what I saw :-)