Tuesday, June 4, 2013

  It was on this stretch of road that I knew why I had chose to go out walking with you tonight Chips.

To be honest it was the last thing that I needed,a evening walk.I was tired out after work,making dinner,washing the dishes,drying the dishes,three lots of washing,school runs....really yawningly tired.I sat down for one minute before we went out and I could have so easily not got up,just sank into the settee and stayed there.It was nearly your bedtime anyway,why an earth was I taking you for a walk!?!

We set off on our small circuit around the block as I call it.You on your scooter,still in your school uniform with your cap on your head and me dragging along behind you,still wearing my work clothes.

We passed your school,the field where the horses live,the pub,the chippy and then we came to a busy stretch of road where the pavement narrows and the cars come a bit too fast and a bit to close for my liking and you were on a scooter and wobbly,so I chirruped out a warning...

Be careful please,this bit of road is fast and narrow and can be very dangerous

And you replied;

Yes it's just like Monaco isn't it!

And I smiled and smiled!

It's nothing like Monaco where we live!

We are worlds away from a Monaco like existence!

But as you pointed out the road was narrow and fast and dangerous ~ just like the F1 track at Monaco.

You were kind of right!

And this is why I came out with you tonight,I knew you would make me smile.

I knew we would chatter away and discuss the rights and wrongs of the world.

I knew I wouldn't fall asleep and end up with it being nearly bedtime and me not having spent as much time with you as I would have liked.

I knew the fresh air would do us both good.

And most of all I knew that spending time with you is always good in all different kinds of ways.

And you proved me right.

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  1. Hi Jess, I came here via Just Write. I love how blogging brings parts of the world closer together. I live in the U.S.

    This was such a lovely post. It is a great reminder of those moments that we could have missed, but so glad we made the effort.

    I also read your poem "The Corner". I really enjoyed it. Nice writing.