Friday, June 14, 2013

Shadow Dancers

A boy and a girl used to run out of school,
Running fast and hard and breaking every rule.
They whooped and they jumped,high in the air
They were free at last and they didn't have a care.

These two kids were fast
They loved to run and jump.
They didn't go many places without a bump.

These kids didn't keep still,
They couldn't if they tried.
They were full of monkey mischief
Bubbling inside!

It wouldn't be long before they arrived at their car and went their separate ways,as one lived close,and the other lived far.
And whilst the mothers chattered and said their goodbyes
The children would make up games to try.

Waving their hands,high in the air
The children would make their shadow friends appear

The mothers talked on
Not seeming to glance
As the girl and the boy
Made those shadows move and dance.

Swirling and twirling
Jumping up and down
The shadows would leap
And spring and bound

With lots of laughter
And lots of joy
The shadows would dance for the girl and the boy.

The children would giggle and shriek and shout
When the shadows dancers came out.
It was a truly infectious sound 
And that's what made those mothers turn around

It may have seemed the mothers were gossiping away
But it wouldn't be long before they joined in with the play.
For in truth those mothers were as 'bad' as the kids,you see.
Monkey chops themselves to the highest degree. 

And for ten minutes at the end of each school night,
The mummies would join in,much to the children's delight.
Feet on the pavement,toes gripped wobbly on the kerb
Their hands would interlock and turn shadows into birds.

It would end up in fits of giggles
As we all waved our hands 
And made the shadows dance and wriggle.

These days now seem far,far away.
But I still remember when the shadows came out to play.


This poem was written for the prompt given by Josie at Two Shoes In Texas  

This week we could choose Shadow or Cloud 


  1. Oh Jess! The words of this poem danced with delight! It was impossible not to read it and catch the spirit of fun. What I loved best is that the moms "let down their hair" and took part in the shadow play, those are the kinds of memories made together that children will remember for a lifetime! Wonderful poem, wonderful tale, I loved it! Thanks for joining in at Two Shoes Tuesday. New prompt going up in the morning! :-)

    1. Thanks Josie,Im so glad that I managed to convey the spirit of these two kids and the fun we used to have on our way home from school.Its about eight or nine years ago now but once I started to think about it the memories came flooding back and they made me smile all over again and I realised how lucky I was to have made such wonderful memories in the first place.One thing I do know for sure is that I have taken what opportunities I have been given with the kids and I don't think I will ever regret those decisions even if we did and still do have a bombsite of a house!