Friday, October 19, 2012

Letter to....

Dear Sharky,
It is all change for you this time as you enter 6th form.

No uniform!You can wear what you like!I feel this will be more problematic to be honest,school will become a fashion show!But on the good side,no more having to get your uniform ready and not flinching every time you wear a unsuitable hoody instead of your school jumper ( that's gotta be a plus! ) oh and you can wear trainers woohoo jumps up and down and dances a merry jig. Well won't that take away a fight!

So it seems the non uniform thing is bigger than I first thought,hmm!

The hours of 6th form are longer,this makes me a little bit sad Sharky.I know I have always said that 2.25pm is a ridiculous time to finish school but I had got used to it,I had to didn't I!And I liked that bit of the afternoon where I used to get the mugs out ready to make you a cuppa and welcome you back home before I set off on the school run for Chipmunk.
Now you will be back at 4.20,I suppose we will both get used to it.

I think the subjects you have chosen will suit you,you are going to have to work so hard if you want to succeed though.We know from experience of what your brother went through,A levels are hard,a real step up from GCSE,you have got some good marks though and with application I'm hoping you can make something of this next phase of your education.

It seems like you have some friends already in 6th form and I'm hoping this will make your time enjoyable,as I want you to have a good time in 6th form as well as getting results!

It seems to me that we are talking or I'm talking about independence here Sharky.Its time for you to show what you're capable of and try to think about what you want for the future.

I just want you to be happy to be honest,yes results are good,very good infact but you are still so young,just sixteen,my advice is 

give it a whirl,if it works great,if not we rethink

As always I love you to the moon and back,at least,go and show us and yourself what you can do and most of all be happy
Love Mum ( August 2012)

Well this never got posted!
And it was the only letter I wrote.
Reading back through it I can see how even in half a term things have changed,perhaps thats a case to write things down because how quickly things change.

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