Monday, October 1, 2012

Hammie Progress!

Well our babies are doing well.We now have found out what the first litter consists of and it's totally equal 2 boys and 2 girls!They have been split up and yet another cage has been brought!

As it stands the baby boys are in the boys room,the baby girls are in the kitchen next to the daddy,Pip and the five newer babies are still with their mummy,Squeaker,they live in the lounge.

So four cages and eleven hamsters altogether!

Pip has had the worst deal,his cage is the smallest and he seems unhappy in it,he just doesn't play any more,which concerns us all and we try to fuss him as much as possible and cajole him to play.I took this photo today after he had been cleaned out and he actually looked lively and did climb up his ladder and then kinda skittered down it in a very clumsy way!We hope if he gets used to the ladder we can transfer his bed to the top floor and then he can have more room to play downstairs.This is the plan!

Pip ~ The Daddy

Here are the first lot of babies before they were split up.These guys are so cute and friendly it's untrue.They go in Tigers dressing gown pocket and love to be handled,we love them!I have even seen them come to us when Tiger whistles them!We are going to keep these ones for definite.

On Their Way To The Pet Shop

Here are the newest babies.These ones are exactly two weeks old.Their fur is growing now and their eyes are open.They are just about ready to leave their little home and are beginning to wander into their cage.They are still feeding from mum but some have been close to the food bowl.

Squeaker and the new babies
A two week old Hammie
As you can see they are all so very cute and perhaps you can understand why they enthral us all.When a baby hammie appears we stop what we are doing and watch!This can be problematic at school run time!

Chipmunk holding Pip

1 day old hammies
1 week old hammies

2 week old hammies

Our beautiful furry friends


  1. Oh my gosh! They are so tiny and adorable! I've honestly never been much of a fan of rodent pets, but these pictures make me want one. Have fun with them!

    1. Thanks for your comment Cheri,these little rascals have won our hearts for sure!I sometimes stop in my tracks when i realise that we have now got 11 hammies in the house!True madness but oh so very cute madness!