Friday, October 19, 2012

Sept/Oct 2012

Well this first half term has passed in a blur.I had so many little things I wanted to post at the end of the summer hols and then it all went pear shaped,life got hectic,I got so traumed at the start of school I could only put one foot In front of the other and just about cope with the day to day running of life,so nothing got posted.

Well until now!

Im going to go through things and post my summer hol collages that I made and anything else I can find in that draft folder.

This past seven weeks have seen Chipmunk start year four and have a new teacher ~ he seems to be doing ok and I haven't really met his teacher in great detail yet but things are ticking along,the class seem to have a good feel to it and I'm happy with that.

He has won a prize for being a rocket reader and we have completed one project already ( volcanoes,it took several days off my life to be honest but I was pleased with how hard Chipmunk worked on it)
We seem to be getting merits on a regular basis for homework handed in and we had a success at spellings one week with a 10 out of 12!

Sharky has started 6th form and seems to be getting his head down and coping with it.I often see him doing homework and he seems to be taking his studies seriously ~ thank goodness!
He is still doing his paper round and I'm very impressed with his attitude to work.

Tiger is continuing to look for apprenticeships.He came so close last month,down to the last two out of 28!I was very proud of him!Im hoping someone gives him a chance soon.

Chipmunks swimming is coming along,slow and steady.The new class is good for him,the children are all at a higher level than before and this encourages Chipmunk to push himself that bit more.If only he would stop that swim two kicks,stop,re adjust goggles,swim bit more,stop,hop and then lunge for the side routine of his we would get even better!

Karate is on and off,I'm still not convinced but we are still attempting it,we shall see...

Oh how could I forget the big happening of this half term... the arrival of the hammies!At the beginning of Sept we had two girl hamsters by mid September we had eleven hamsters!
We love the hammies see here  
and here

Life has been moving fast here,so I'm so glad for the half term break and a chance to re group and gather my thoughts,let the hols begin...

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