Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Half term thoughts to the boys
Well we have had our first half term now and we are onto the second part of the Autumn Term.
I bet this half term will be so busy as its the lead up to Christmas and that always hits schools like a bomb,no matter how hard we try to prepare for it,it always seems like we are running round like headless chicks as Christmas approaches.
So here are my thoughts to you boys....

Well I'm hoping that you get really settled in your class this half term.
You know your teacher,you know her rules and her ways,you know how she wants you to behave,let's hope you can do this!

I'm wondering if there will be a Christmas ConcertI hope so!There is something magical about a Christmas Concert and I do like to see them.Not many more for me to see actually as you only have 3 years left at juniors,so Iam going to make the most of the ones I have the privilege to see.

There will be carol concerts and all kind of Christmassy activities and I can imagine a great deal of excitement,which will lead to absolute overload and we all know what happens then! 

You need a new warm snuggy coat.Last years was a disaster,only lasting 2 months before the zip broke!I need the new coat we choose to last longer,much longer!
It will be time to tog up with hats & gloves,really cheap ones coz I know there's a massive chance they may get lost & I do not want you going down to school unprepared,that would worry me to pieces,I don't like to think of any of my boys being cold. 

I'm hoping we don't get any projects this half term and if we do please let's do it 'as soon as' I know this is not our usual style but I really don't want yet another pressure looming over us when all will be hectic anyway.

I'm really looking forward to walking you down to school,we always have real good chats on our way to school,on the way back home you always scooter so conversation is pretty sparse,this makes our morning chatter even more precious.

I hope you continue to try hard in swimming lessons and karate too and I know we will love going to children's church,I think it's both our highlight of the month.

Love Mummy x 

Already you have done your first half term in 6th form and it seems to be going well.I often see you with homework out and you seem really conscientious about it.Your grades are good for someone starting A -levels and I'm really pleased with you and the effort you show towards your studies.

You still are doing the papers and your attitude towards that is outstanding I feel.Throughout many provocations you keep on going and you show such a mature attitude for a 16 year old boy.I hope certain people stop taking you for granted and realise what a good worker they have and treat you accordingly.

Keep up all the good work Sharky

Love Mum x
Hmm,you have no half term,you have left school now!

It's not been easy for you lately,you have tried out for some apprenticeships and got so close in one of them but not close enough eh and you still haven't got anything viable to do with yourself.

I know it's easy to say but you have got to keep plugging on,harder than ever because that's all you can do.

And I truly believe that what will be will be.The right opportunity will come along but you have got to help it too and keep on looking around for such a opportunity.

Meanwhile it's nice to have you round the house in the daytime,I often smile as I listen to you singing away in your room.

You have absolutely tamed the little boy hammies.They are the friendliest little creatures ever!Sterling and Souso,might have guessed they would be named after Liverpool players!They are adorable and so friendly and this is down to you handling them so much,you have done a great job!

I hope you find the right work for you Tiger,you have too much potential to waste it!

Love Mum x

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