Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Little Book Worm

I have a bookworm,a real live bookworm living at this house and I absolutely love it because Iam a bookworm too and it is so fab to see one of my boys being a bookworm too.

My bookworm reads anywhere and everywhere

lying on the floor
sitting in the car

He reads in any sort of weather

sunny days

And days when he is wrapped up in his winter coat walking to school.Yep even when he walks he doesn't put his beloved books down!

He reads in the library

He reads to me when I'm pegging my washing out

And of course he adores reading in bed

He reads any type of book... picture books,factual books,fairy stories,funny books,joke books... if its got words,he reads it.
Because he reads so much he has won quite a few prizes at school and he always completes the library summer reading scheme.

The best thing is that he truly loves books.They make him laugh,they comfort him,they entertain him.Its a win/win situation,the more he reads the better at reading he becomes and because he loves it he wants to read.

So I love having a little bookworm in the house,long may it be the case
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  1. Lovely post. I hope his love of reading continues to grow!

    Herding Cats