Monday, October 22, 2012

Conkers Bonkers!

I LOVE conkers!They are so shiny and special and it's really fun to go and search for them and on Saturday Chipmunk and I went to our local conker tree to search for conkers!

The conker tree is in our local church and the conkers drop onto the pavement and then get blown onto the road.

Luckily it's a one way street and the traffic is not too hectic so it's ok to rustle around at the edge of the pavement searching for the treasures.

We kicked through the leaves until we found what we wanted... conkers!

We had a great time and came home with a pocketful of the brown beauties.

kicking leaves is fun
a sharp eye finds the conkers
spot the conker!

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  1. I love those crunchy leaves! We need to go conker collecting.

    Visiting via Countrykids

    1. Conker collecting is so addictive,I keep wanting to find more!

  2. Looks like you walked the right streets! I sigh as we still haven't managed to go conker picking yet. Your post makes me more determined! Surf club tonight so perhaps tomorrow we will go. Thanks for the inspiration and for linking to Country Kids.

    1. Hope you manage some conker collecting real soon :-)