Monday, July 30, 2012

That Lazy Summer Feeling

We have had one week of the school holidays and I'am loving it.

There is not much money to spare here these days and we haven't been anywhere fabulous but it's still good if you take it at its own level.

All the things that stress me about work or the school routine have been taken away for 6 weeks.

No more having to have uniforms ready everyday,we can wear whatever.

The washing pile is down,due to time and good weather,it's not been this low since before I can remember.Usually it has a life of its own,is taller than me and is horribly out of control but now it's neat and you can actually fit things in the basket ~ a vast improvement!

I don't have to have lunchbox stuff ready or clean and prepare those boxes.
We can have hot snacks instead of sandwiches everyday.This is so much easier for me and I don't have to see S or T just leaving the sandwiches and eating the junky bits in there!Its a win!

We have got into a routine of going out early,while the older boys are still in their beds.

It's cooler then and we have had some great times scootering round the complex.
It's a time to talk together,no distractions,no jobs to just do,no phones or iPad to just look at for a minute and it's good.We have chattered away about all sorts as we have walked.
It's so pretty down there,we have noticed colourful flowers

And found the biggest cones in the world!We spent ages looking at this tree and feeling its spiky sharp pine needles.

We have noticed how cool and sheltered we feel down by the stream,under the trees and how peaceful it is down there early in a morning.All green and lovely,a little haven away from the busy bustling world.

And being down there does make you slow down and look around and appreciate the natural world.

There are hills to roll down

and bridges to throw sticks into the water from and watch them drift through to the other side and as of yet this entertains Chipmunk again and again,long may it do so.

This bridge is getting rickety and has a gaping hole in one side of it but still we lean over it and watch our sticks swirl through the water,some getting stuck and others racing to the other side.A age old game that still holds fascination for children worldwide.

Even when we go the other side of the village near the shops time is different.We don't have to rush.No clocks to look at.We can take it as it comes.If we need anything from the shops we just saunter around them,pick up stuff for lunch and walk back home.
The hustle and bustle of live has toned down immensely.I wouldn't say it had gone,looking after this brood means it will be here for much longer but it's not as demanding at the moment and I for one am loving that summery lazy daisy feeling.

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