Monday, July 23, 2012

End Of Year Thoughts

Well that's it,another school year is over!

Is it me or do these school years go quicker each time?No sooner are the children starting back school all dressed in their new uniforms then it's end of the summer term and all the uniform is totally dropping to pieces and the children are tired and crabby due to lots of summer excitement such as sports days,swim lessons and of course 'transition'

For us it saw Tiger and Sharky leave school ( Tiger 6th form and Sharky school ) and Chipmunk going to year four.

I'm confident about year four ( hope I'm right! ) I think that Chipmunk won't have to deal with the horrors of leaving a beloved infant school and starting a brand new school like he did last year.Hes had a year at this school and fought his way through (quite literally actually!) and now he's much more settled.He will still be in lower school and his new teacher sounds firm but fair.I'am hoping that this will be a easier year for him and I don't feel so apprehensive about it either,this is a good feeling!I looked in on him while he lay sleeping last night and the thought that he was 'safe' in my care for six weeks was amazing,I know he will have his moments,probably on a daily basis,and I will have mine too,but at least he will be with his family and away from some of the more stressful situations he faces on life.A break will do him good and not having to worry about him will do me good too!

I'm ready for the long break,got a lot of sorting and tidying to do and more importantly a lot of playing and memory making to do!Bring it on!

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