Tuesday, July 31, 2012


What is it about water that children everywhere and some grown ups too love?

The past two days of the summer hols have been hot,really hot and Chipmunk has had the paddling pool out.

Our paddling pool is only a dinky little thing but does it matter...not in the slightest it seems!Chipmunk can spend hours in there,splashing away merrily and the beauty of a tidgy pool is that it's easy to fill and empty and therefore can be got out at short notice whenever a suitable opportunity arises ( due to lack of suitable opportunities it has only been out once this year!

And that day was Tuesday,the day I saw my 19yr old son fit in that dinky,tidgy pool with his young brother.How they fitted in I'm not sure but they did!And what fun was had!

It turned into a water fight,the first weapons were innocent washing up liquid squirters,which then moved onto small water pistols,which then resulted in a jug been used and then the ultimate thing was the water soaker and that's when we got drenched and it turned full on!

It caused much laughter and on one of the hottest days of the year Chipmunk stayed incredibly cool and very happy.

After watching my eldest son dive around throwing water at everyone it seems to me that you never get too old to play with water!

My theory was then proved right the next day as we went for a picnic at a local country park and one of my oldest friends produced a water bomb machine.

The children had a fab time throwing water bombs at each other but even more fun throwing them at the grown ups!

There were a lot of wet people by the end of the afternoon,most of them laughing though!

As I said before,water seems to have this effect on people!The urge to throw it and the capacity to make people smile.

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  1. Give me sunshine and a swimming and at 36, I'm a happy bunny too. Throw in a cocktail and it'd be the best time ever ;-)