Thursday, July 12, 2012

Goggles,certificates and stress!

Well another week of swimming has passed and it's been a mixed bag of good and not so good things!

I'll start with the not so good(get it out of the way) well Chipmunks emotions are running high as he's been tired and hot and so we have had some spectacular melts,some at school most at home!
I'm running on empty as I dash from place to place trying to do it all ( whenever does that ever work )
The food here is getting sparse as I hvnt had time to shop,we have been living on what's in the cupboard and freezer.Having said that,it's not killed us and probably saved a bit of money!
I have had no time in the afternoons to put the final touches to my nursery work and that means pulling it in at night and that in turn means not much sitting down and a pretty shattered me.

Now for the good...

Chipmunks swimming has improved ten fold!
He is getting stronger and can go further now without stopping.He is much more confident in the water and has even enjoyed jumping in today,time after time and even smiling about it!

His front crawl is probably his strongest stroke,followed by backstroke and lastly is breast stroke which he is finding pretty hard at the moment.

And today he has done double swimming and at his lessons he has got two awards!

This thrilled him!Oh and he has been put up into the next class!
18 months we have been in this class and now it's our turn to move!What a achievement ~ slow and steady wins the race so the saying goes.

After talking to his school swim instructor I have decided that Chipmunk can have some goggles and he is so pleased!He has blue ones and can't wait to try them out tomorrow!

So all the ouches are worth it and onward we go,he has a swim lesson everyday next week and I'm hoping he gets even stronger *swimming rules*

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  1. Ah bless him, it's so lovely to see their faces when they know they have got their certificates! Well Done Chipmunk! xx