Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Today in our village it's been 'transition day'

Every child has gone to meet their new teacher.

Nursery start this off,we take our little nursery children up to 'big school' then all the school children move up,some go up to junior school,some even move on up to secondary school ~ big steps for small people.

At sports day last week my mum was saying how lovely the school campus was.

It starts with nursery and then next to it are the Infants,then Juniors and then just over the school field is the comp.

All within a stones throw from each other.

This must help transition,the children can see the next school up on a daily basis.

The schools also work together and do quite a bit of interschool work.

The infants often visit the juniors for playtimes etc and the junior children go back to the infant school to read with the year two's.

The comp holds lots of sporting events that the juniors go on.We are going on one tomorrow ~ Olympic Day.

The comp children organise sporting activities and watch the young junior children as they attempt the activities.They get awards for this,such as young sports leaders certificates and it is really good to se different age children working together in this way.Many of these childen have been to the nursery where I work when they were younger and its always great to see how they are growing up.

It must aid transition as from a young age all the children visit the schools and hopefully this makes it slightly less daunting when the time comes for them to make the jump to the next step of their education.

Chipmunk spent the morning with his new teacher,he hasn't said much about it,I'm not sure why,perhaps he's too tired and I know he has a lot of things on his mind at the moment.

I will soon find out for myself what she like.I hope we get a good teacher,someone firm but fair and with a sense of humour.

Fingers crossed!

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