Tuesday, July 3, 2012

As many parents do I love watching the boys as they sleep.

Now the older two are teenagers I go to sleep before they do and to catch them sleeping its a early morning thing,not a evening event at all!

No,if you go in their room late at night you will see little bright lights from iPods/iPhones etc.Now they have broke up from school I don't have the onerous task of collecting these electronic devices.
That was a nightly fight and half but one I thought was important enough to keep up.
I'm glad that that's over for a bit at least!

It's Chipmunk who I look at more at night now,he likes his sleep and is very routine about it.

Bedtime at 6.45pm,toilet,teeth and then a snuggly bedtime story.
We both love bedtime stories!That nice wind down before bed.I have his room nice and cool and he collects all his cuddlies around him and we always have at least 2 books and then chipmunk reads to himself before drifting off to sleep.

I think I like best that sleepy look he gets when he's drifting off to sleep.That inbetween waking and sleepy state.Nearly in dreamland but not quite.Little bleary eyes that are heavy and nearly closing after such busy days.

If I catch him like that he always speaks to me even though I can see he's soooo tired.

Arms spread wide
Clutching a cuddlie

Arms above head

Cross armed

Curled up

Just a few friends
I always look in on him before I go to bed and it always makes me smile.

When I mentioned how I loved up see Chipmunk asleep and how sweet he looked,my friend at work said

"Ahh,you do realise he's only charging his batteries up for tomorrow"

This did make me stop and think,but only for a moment,I still smile at a sleeping Chipmunk.

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