Friday, November 8, 2013

 Six Sentence Stories
 This week Josies prompt was Reach and this is what I came up with.

Obviously though I would never do what the woman in the story does...never.

''C'mon,and don't rustle as much,if we disturb them we will be in big trouble"

"I'm trying," hissed the woman, "I'm not that tall,you know and who's idea was it to put them this high up!"

"Look," answered the man "do you want them,or not, because if you mess around much longer the game will be up and we'll have nothing...yet again"

The woman balanced precariously on the chair,one last reach was all it took and the prize was theirs!

She jumped down from the chair and high fived her partner in crime "We did it" she grinned "It's all ours"

They snuggled on the settee and opened the treasure....the leftover  Halloween candy was theirs!


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and see how to write a story in just six sentences. 


  1. Awesome!! I am sitting here grinning ear to ear, as someone who just might be guilty of hiding away treats to indulge in later. N :-) You kept us guessing about what they were after until the very end. Such a great take on the Six Sentence Stories prompt for this week, Jess, very clever and I hope you remembered to wipe the chocolate smudges from the keyboard when you were done! :-))

    1. *Sits and giggles* Josie I would 'never' do anything so devious with the boys chocolate...not I...not ever :-) Infact Im not sure where I even got that idea for that 6WS from...amazing eh! *turns and walks away,whistling and smirking at the same time! *

  2. This is really well done! Love it. I bet this plays out in many homes. Ha!

    1. Thanks Ann! It still makes me smirk when I read it! Obviously its something I personally would *never* do,do you know I'd never even *think* about such a devious thing *grins widely*

  3. I am sorry I don't believe your opening disclaimer! However it was a lot of fun!

    1. You dont believe me!!!!!!!!!!!!! No way! What sort of mum do you take me for! *Sits and giggles* Y'now its not that healthy for kids to have too much candy....I was only thinking about their health and wellbeing....

  4. Nice writing, Jess. You set the stage very well by having your character be "the woman," a seemingly wicked one at that. No you wouldn't do that buy my BIL did eat the last chocolate coated marshmellow Santa that was in my daughter's stash. She was five or six at the time.