Monday, November 25, 2013

This morning I woke up,tootled downstairs to start the day and while the kettle was boiling I glanced out of the kitchen window.

The day was just beginning but already the sky was awake. It was a cold looking wintry sky. White,with clouds that varied from light shades of grey to dark shades of black.

I smiled to myself because last night it had been a very different scene through the window. I had watched a bright shiny moon play hide and seek with the clouds.The clouds would drift slowly over the moon until all you could see was a hazy light behind the grey clouds which were mooching along in a inky black sky. The moon was so bright that you could still see its glow from behind the mischievous clouds. How bright must the moon really be,to do that? Pretty amazing if you stop and think about it really.

I often stand gazing at this view. Well I'm often in the kitchen,stood in that very spot,usually very busy. We haven't got the best of views from the kitchen window,not at all,but there is a certain spot which allows you to look at the sky and it's ever changing forms and colours. From there you can see the sun rising early in the morning. Watch the dark turn into light and see some amazing colours that sometimes disappear before your very eyes and if you had not been watching at that very moment you would never have known they had been there.

And I could see the tree on the hill silhouetted against the sky.
I often wonder about that tree....where exactly it is. The hill is not far from where I live,I have thoughts about going to find that tree and see it close up. But would I find it?Once I was up on the hill all trees would look the same. And I'm terrible at knowing what direction things are,it would be a miracle if I ever even came close to finding the very same tree that I look at every day. But I still think about it and I guess one day I will have to give it a try. Think how pleased I would be if I found it!

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