Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Can But Shouldn't
During half term my mum and I had been
chatting in the car about things you thought you could manage but once you had started them you found out that you couldn't.

Like carrying a snooker table all the way from my grandmas house to our house which was well over a half an hour journey - too hard...too heavy
Or trying to carry a Christmas tree home...I remember this so well. My mum thought she could manage it but hadn't got far when she realised that she couldn't. As she said 'she could have kicked that tree all the way home or indeed abandoned it!' As I recall,that was the last real tree my mum ever had and she never took to it....for some strange reason.

Well the day after this conversation I did exactly what my mum had been talking about....I took Chips on a trek out to the park in town. Quite a journey away really,especially for someone with a dicey leg. But I thought I could manage it. Well truth be told I did have some doubts in my mind if it was the greatest idea in the world and my head told me it was not a brilliantly sound idea but my heart said I would be ok and I wanted to take Chips out somewhere green and wholesome,some place with trees,autumn trees,so off to the big park in town I toddled.

I hadn't gone far when I realised it was not such a great idea. I had walked the day before and my leg had withstood it but the day of the park somehow things were different and my leg protested. And did I listen...nah...because I needed to get out and so did Chips.

Well we got to the park and it was ok. I felt as slow as the slowest snail ever to have slimed it's way across the ground but apart from that it was good.

I took some really nice photographs and Chips had a good walk around the river and a play on the park.

And as we reached the end of our time at the park,who should appear but my mum!

Chips yelled out "It's Mamma!"

I thought he'd got wrong but he hadn't!

What a surprise and a welcome one.

And we smiled as we recalled the conversation of the previous day and we both clearly saw that I had pushed my boundaries that bit too far.

Seems like we are both inclined to think we can when really we shouldn't!

down by the river 

tall tall trees 
The Park
Pretty Colours 
My boy - drinking and thinking


  1. I didn't know that your leg was hurt! Sorry that is making your life difficult. Looks like the weather cooperated - an uncharacteristically sunny day for UK in November.

    1. Hi Kate! Yes I had a really bad fall back in September. I twisted my thigh muscle and it has been a very slow healing process. Its ben two months now and I'm still hobbling along. The ironic thing was,that I was trying to be fitter by doing more exercise....believe me,it didnt work!