Friday, November 8, 2013

Today was just like any other school morning,rush here,there and everywhere.

Sandwich boxes made,uniforms drying on the radiators,me walking up and down stressing about lost footy shorts and the lack of matching socks,too much tea drunk,time marching relentlessly onwards and then I went upstairs to wake Chips up. And he was sleeping. Really deep sleeping.

And for a moment I stopped to look at him. And the moment turned into minutes....minutes spent looking at my sleeping little boy.

I half hesitated as the thoughts of what I had left to do flashed through my head,the morning school run is hectic as it is,without spending moments stood gazing at a sleeping child but today I decided to toss all that rush aside and just look at Chips.

I'm glad I did.

He looked so gorgeous,his curly hair framing his face and his cheeks still babyish and chunky,still the face of a child. His eyes were tightly shut and his hands were tucked under his quilt and next to his pillar was his new book. And he was oh so still.

I stood for quite a long time just watching him and smiling to myself.,drinking him in and looking so very hard at this sleeping bundle of boy ...children look so very innocent when they are sleeping don't they!

Eventually I gently woke him up. His eyes flicked open and he began to talk...his day had begun. As for me,I had imprinted in my head the image of him fast asleep...what a precious bundle of a boy indeed. 


  1. Such a sweet moment, and it sure brought back memories of my own children sleeping, they look so very peaceful and angelic. I wish I would have taken photos, we didn't do that as spontaneously back then. Snap one if you get another opportunity, twenty years from now it will melt your heart!

  2. Good advice Josie! I think you are right,got to snap these little moments while I can,children grow up in a blink of a eye dont they!Hence this blog,I hope to capture snippets of these boys as they grow.