Saturday, November 30, 2013

Splashy Smiles
Let's see....what's made me smile this week....

Children have made me smile. My own and the others that I come into contact with through work,swim lessons and Chips friends. I have smiled with J about inhalers,I have smiled as I watched children try out for their twenty five metres at swimming and I have smiled at the funny things the children have said to me during assessment time at work,they came out with some corkers!

Buying baby stuff has made me smile. It's so nice to browse through the tiny items of baby clothing and ooo and ahhh over how diddy it is. I was buying for my nephews baby boy who is scrumptious and I chose a hat. A pale blue teddy bear hat that I would have put any of my boys in when they were small. I'm hoping his mum and dad will like it and I think it will keep him so snug as he's out and about in his pram.

Being a touch more organised has kind of made me smile. Not at night,when I have dragged myself up off the sofa to do it but in the mornings it has made me smile,so perhaps it's worth it. And I'm extra smiley that I have kept Chips shoes shiny as buttons this week. It's a job well done.

Sunsets and pretty winter skies have made me smile. I'm forever trying to capture that perfect shot of a sunset,I've got some lovely photos but I'm still looking for that one shot where I think yes.

Hearing children sing Christmas songs has absolutely made me smile. Goodness me I'am so lucky to spend my mornings listening to the sweet voices of children singing. They are practicing their Christmas Concert songs and it really does make me smile when I hear them.

My new slippers...oh these have made me so very happy.They are so furry and so soft and so warm and pink. I love them.

Having heating has made me smile,every,single,time,I switch it on. Last winter our boiler was on its last legs. It was a constant worry that it would break and eventually it did. We were without heat for a couple of weeks,in the middle of winter,when all the snow was around. It was just horrible. So even a year later I do not take this heat for granted and I do really smile every time I switch it on.

So lots of things to smile about.

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