Friday, November 22, 2013

A Walk In The Dark
One of my favourite children's book is The Tiger Who Came To Tea.

I like it for many reasons. One,because when I did my NNEB training all those years ago,it was the first book I ever read aloud. This was a scary thing to do back then and the tiger made noises like owp when he ate the food and I had to figure out just what owp sounded like. I must have survived the experience because I'm still here to tell the tale and I still love the book so it must have been successful.

In the book there is a line that goes something like this....

'And they went out into the dark night street and all the street lights were lit.'

And it was these lines that were running through my head tonight as we walked in the dark from the dentists.

There was a definite chill in the air.Infact it was freezing cold. Chips had got a woolly hat on for the first time since last winter and he'd borrowed my gloves,I don't think I will be getting those back as he seems to have taken a shine to them.

We passed the fair field and cajoled Sharky to share his bag of sweeties with us,they were fizzy cherry cola bottles,absolutely scrummy and yes just the thing to eat on your way home from the dentist!

We walked and talked and chewed.

It was dark and all around us lights twinkled. Street lights,car lights,lights from inside warm cozy homes,we even saw some Christmas lights merrily flashing away. In the sky the big silvery moon shone down on us and stars twinkled. A plane flew overhead,it's flashing lights visible from all the way down on the ground.

I'm not sure what we talked about and what exactly was said,all I know is that the conversation flowed and it felt good.
Good to be talking to my boys.

That feeling lasted all the way home,until we opened our back door and went into our warm toasty house. The heat and the smell of dinner cooking greeted us. Shoes and coats were discarded,X boxes eagerly dived upon and I never got the chance to even take my shoes off,as the finishing touches to dinner was needed.

As I stood in the kitchen my mind drifted off and replayed the walk from the dentist. Such a simple everyday occurrence,a walk through the dark streets....somehow made special by the company I was in. Thanks boys for making even the ordinary 'special'


  1. Oh I know just what you mean! I can quote The Tiger Who Came to Tea without even looking at the book! I often think of the dark pages, the street lights and the headlights and the warm coats when we're in a similar situation....

    Ahhhh, lovely book. Lovely post.

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Evening Kate! So there is someone else who loves the tiger who came to tea! * hi five sister* :-) It really is a great book,isn't it! X