Friday, November 29, 2013

Picture the scene.... It's home time and the junior school children are let out to freedom after a Monday back at school. They are really cheery and full of chatter and smiles and the talk is all about inhalers.

After Chips virus and wheeze last week,he was prescribed an inhaler and very proud of it he is.I guess he might have mentioned his new inhaler a bit to his mates or maybe he might have mentioned it quite a lot as they all seemed full of inhaler talk.

And here's how the talk went

C - "I have got an inhaler" and looks very seriously up at me.

J - "I have got a inhaler too,but it's really old"

We start to walk up the school drive

J - " And the things are out of date." "The tube is ok though,it's just the things that are out of date"

At this point Chips wandered off with Js mum and J stayed at my side.

J - " The things still work though. You can press them and they smell nice. So you can still use them,not as inhalers but as air fresheners" 
And at this time he turned and grinned at me.

Now J always makes me laugh. He just does. His ideas are fab and usually involve mischief. I looked at him and he carried on....

"You see Jess,you can still use the inhalers for air fresheners but you can't use air fresheners for inhalers."

It was at this point I just had to smile.

He was quite right - thankfully.

We sauntered up the school drive and J continued to extol the virtues of inhaler air fresheners and I just listened to his chatter and threw a few warning words in here and there and I grinned because his face was so expressively cheeky as he told his tale,you could not do anything else but grin,well I couldn't anyway.

Chips missed all this conversation. Probably a good thing,I don't want any ideas putting into his head now do I?

Safety Note

J may be full of mischief but his mum is ultra sensible and I doubt he will be getting away with much mischief with his out of date inhalers! Phew!

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