Saturday, March 9, 2013

8th March 2004

It's the 8th of March today and 9yrs ago this was my Chippies due date.

None of my boys have ever arrived on their due date

None of my boys have ever arrived early

And all my boys were induced...not so eager to make a appearance into the world these lads of mine!

2004 was a Leap Year and I did wonder if I would have a Leap Day baby.The boys were quite unbelieving about the implications of what would happen if their sibling was born on Feb 29th... a birthday only every four way!
But the day came and went and no baby appeared.

March 8th,due date,came and went and no baby appeared.

March 14th,my best friends sons birthday came but no baby appeared...we would have loved it to have born on that day,a nice connection between us but nope no baby...

This baby was not for moving!

We went to hospital to arrange a date to be induced,I wanted the last possible date,just to see if the baby would indeed make its appearance naturally,I'm a bit horoscopy and I had a choice between two star signs and I must say this bothered me!
 I felt I was making a choice for the baby and what if its wasn't the right choice! I logiced that out by thinking what would be would be and so the date was set for 21st March - Mothers Day...
The days ticked by and still no baby appeared....I would go on the school run and the times people said to me 'Are you still here?' and the classic 'You've not had the baby then?' to which I would answer through gritted teeth 'No,not yet' and at the same time think 'Does it look like I've had the baby!!!!!A bump this big and you ask if I have had the baby,grrrrr! 
It was mind blowingly irritating to keep a smile on my face and politely keep answering questions like these.

The little baby did not make their appearance until the last minute possible,with hospital help,yep induction again!

I went into hospital on the 21st March 2004,Mothers Day,clutching magazines that the boys had brought me for Mothers Day and on the 22nd March Chippie was born.

I did kinda know that it was inevitable that Chippie wouldn't start naturally and after trying absolutely everything in the whole wide world to make labour start when I was pregnant with Sharky I just left nature to take its course with Chippie....there are somethings you just know are just not going to happen!

And all these years later that date,the 8th March,still sticks in my head.

Funny isn't it,you are given dates and even when your precious bundles don't arrive on those dates you still remember the date!

I can remember all three boys due dates and how I felt at that time,I can see two more posts bring written!

So we are on countdown to Chippies birthday!Better get my act together,things to organise,presents to buy,a busy time ahead!

Oh I do know its March 9th mother like sons...late!

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