Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dudes You Are Winners!!!

Hey my little lamb-i-kins you have only gone and won second place in the school Easter egg competition!!

Woohoo! Do a gangnam style dance 'heeeey sexy lambies....wooop woooop wooop wooop'

The school Easter Egg Comp is the most prestigious thing ever.

Better than any other event in the whole wide world,even the Olympics!

You should see the calibre of the entries...people spend a lot of time creating the perfect entry for this event.

In the past I have seen
Egg-Streme Sports,Eggs-Factor,Egg-quarium....today two that caught my eye were Egg-stra Terrestrial and Egg-nam Style!

We did actually win one year!It was Sharkys entry in year six 'Hogwarts Eggs-press' We did the background as the platform 7 3/4 and a train with Harry,Ron and Hermoine in it.

Oh the glory of it!We still talk about it now and Sharky is sixteen and a half!it was our moment!

I never in a month of Sundays thought we would ever win again!

Not ever. Not at all.

But Chippie has!!

Young 'I don't like crafts,drawings,anything makey' has bloomin gone and won!!!

I just squealed in the playground when the kids told me he had won,the kids laughed when they saw how excited I was.

And Chips was so proud! His friends crowded round us and were really pleased for him.Everybody had the opinion that the lamb-i-kins were very,very cute!There were lots of smiles and chatter and a lovely Smartie Easter Egg!

So my little fluffy friends you did it for us!Thank you!We will love you forever!

The Winning Entry!


  1. YAY .. I can see why they won they are super cute! what a fab #magicmoment!! just brilliant

    Thanks for linking up :-)

    1. Thanks Jaime,even I do think they are very cute!They have lifes of their own now and are classed as family pets!

  2. Aw I love this and the lambs are brilliant. You must be so chuffed x

    1. Hi Nichola,I was well chuffed!We dont often win many things so it was a squee moment for sure and the simplicity of it all made it all the more beautiful,thanks for stopping by my ickle blog :-)