Monday, March 4, 2013

Play Club

I'm not a big fan of school playclubs.

Don't get me wrong I think the schools around here offer some fab clubs and for people who need childcare they must be a god send.

It's just that I think the school day is long enough as it is and I like to scoop Chips up as soon as I possibly can and bring him home.

But for ages Chips has been wanting to do games club and this half term I gave in and said yes he could do it.

Last Monday was his first day at the club and I was waiting all afternoon to go and pick him up.I worried if he would get too tired,if he would feel hungry or thirsty as usually 3.15 is his snack time and in general I just had a good old worry.

And then I saw him come out of games club....

I wouldn't have missed that experience for the world!

He ran out with a group of children,full of pure joy and excitement.

They came whooping across the grass and leaped into our arms with a thumpity bump.Bags were dropped at our feet,coats stripped off and passed to us and off they ran up the school drive hollering like banshees.

There was no doubt whatsoever that they had had a fab time!


Their enthusiasm lasted all the way home....and when Chips had left his bunch of games club peers he told me all about playing UNO and I could tell from his voice and exuberance that he had had a really good time.

So this week I had not one little concern in my head about games seems to me that after school clubs may not be such a bad thing after all!


  1. And so it begins...soon it will be sports and music practice and...

    1. Hi Kate,yes I can full well imagine!We have yet to start on that slippery slope yet...phew!