Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Toughening Up Classes

When I first started thinking I needed a toughening up class it was just a little statement,but since then I have given it more thought...prob way,way too much thought 'grins
Call it therapy or whatever you want to call it but I have really envisaged what a toughening up class may be like and what the benefits of going to one would here are my thoughts on toughening up classes...

Toughening Up Classes 

I need to go and do a crash course at a 'toughening up class'
I don't like having a soft friendly heart,they get hurt too much and when they get hurt they sting and the sting is not very nice at all.
I don't want anymore stings,I want to be tough,so tough that nobody can ever hurt me again.Ever.
So I imagine toughening up classes, you walk in a softie and come out as tough as old boots.
Im not sure what they would do to you,perhaps they would wrap your heart up in layers....first bubble wrap,then cotton wool...then soft coloured tissue paper,then perhaps they could create a hard shell around it and build a wall around the shell,a deep,tall wall that nobody could get under or over or through...hey presto a well protected heart...the jobs a good un.
Perhaps they could then brain wash you into not caring what other people said or did to you...make all your emotions waterproof,so that all the things that made you sad in the past would just run off you and nothing could get through your waterproof coating.

Hey this is sounding good!Im liking these thoughts...I think they could work

Perhaps there would be a dream sucker outerer,something that takes all your dreams and hopes out of your silly little head and replaces them with a cotton wool void.... a nice soft cotton wool void,all clean and fluffy,a space where you feel dreams...coz dreams are dangerous,they lead you to believe things are going to be ok and the drop when you find out they are not is too far and as you tumble back down into the gorge of rock bottom you realise how stupid you have been to to be on the safe side the dreams definitely have to go.

 I'm not sure if they need to be entirely destroyed or whether they should be put in a pensieve like in Harry Potter.
The danger there being that other people may then be able to see your dreams and would you want that...
There might be a room full of pretty,shiny plasters and bandages and you could put them on your hurt feelings just like in real life we bandage our physical hurts such as grazed knees...perhaps when someone hurts us we have grazed hearts and those grazed hearts need care so that they can heal...and without care the graze never quite heals and is ready to open up at the slightest touch..

If you have a graze though and you pick at it, the graze never heals does it,just keeps reopening all the time,no scab is ever formed and the wound cannot heal.

There are greater injuries than grazes though....cuts that are so deep that they need stitches,breaks that need plastercasts to aid the healing process and some injuries never heal.

What if a heart can be hurt like any other part of your body but we just can't see it,only feel it and if the injury/hurt is so deep it can never fully heal or trust again...

So where do I find this place then?

In my mind they would be held somewhere a touch magical and I thought either Mordor from LOTR or Hogwarts from Harry Potter
Mordor would be totally grim...flippin eck it would take you all your strength just to get there...walking through all that dark gloomy stuff and with the spookity LOTR soundtrack playing,you would have to have nerves of steel to arrive at Mount Doom.
Would this be good tho....maybe it would...toughening up is never going to be pretty,is the time you had trekked round Mordor you would either be incredibly brave or scared to death and ready to melt!

Whereas Hogwarts would be a much gentler approach,still a sense of danger...hidden tunnels,monsters and of course Voldemort but it's got so much good too.... Grifindor,Dumbledore,Harry,

For me and my sanity,and please don't question my sanity,it has to be Hogwarts.I think I could cope with that so much better.

Anyone already been to toughening up classes?Did they work?Tell me they did...please....

Someone said to me last week that life was the toughening up class...perhaps it is.....perhaps I'm being toughened up right at this very moment...perhaps I will stop feeling the stings soon....real soon would be preferable.....


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