Saturday, March 23, 2013

So my eight year old little mate it's your last day of being eight!

Time have grown...soon you will be nine and how you are looking forward to it,I see your smile widen and your eyes brighten every time I mention the word nine.

Lots of people are talking to you about being eight for one day only.They all seem to have big smiles on their faces,perhaps your smile is contagious.

This morning on your way to school you said

"Please God will you help me after swimming to float home and to float into bed and into my birthday"

Then you looked at me and said 

"Do you think God heard?"

I said I thought he had definitely heard that heartfelt little prayer.

It made me smile so much,such a impromptu thing to do.

At eight you are still a bundle of cuteness.

Your hair is still blond and although it has lost some of its curl,it still has waves and curls there,especially when wet!I smile when I see a little ringlet curl peeping out....usually at the side of your face.
You have kept these curls for a very long time and Iam glad,when they go you probably will be glad but to me you and curls go together...full stop. 

You are the friendliest child ever!You will chatter to anyone and always want to join in any conversation going!

You are exuberant,your voice is loud and you jump and move around as you speak,I'm sure you were born to be the town crier as you also seem to know everything about anything.

Your smile is totally amazing,it does literally light up your face,you are a very smiley boy!

When I pick you up from school you always give me hug,your friend carries your bag around for you and deposits it with me before I even catch a glimpse of you!You seem to have quite a few girls who like to mother you...still!
During this year you have developed a close friendship with J and it's great to see you playing together and being there for each other...I really appreciate this friendship.. 

At eight you love the X box,the hammies,reading - still,oh and F1-dear old F1...that HAS to be a post on its own!

You also LOVE Gangnam Style and you can fit the oooop oooop opnam phrase to any sentence you want and you do!

You like swimming,feeding the ducks,scootering.

You don't like any veg or fruit,orange pop,putting your socks on,anyone turning the tv off before you,

You have a love of animals and of nature...I adore walking with you,you notice the little itty bitty things of life that I too love...clouds,blossom on trees,animals,it's great to go on a country walk with you and listen as you point these things out to me,then Chippso I know I have done my job well.

You still have a lovely innocence about you,its very endearing. 

If I had to think of 5 words to describe you I would say this...

Bye bye my gorgeous little eight year old....welcome my gorgeous little nine year old....

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