Tuesday, December 13, 2011

 Christmas Stars - The Concert

Ahh,The Christmas Concert... 

It was good :-) 

I thought Id get my thoughts down as soon as I could so it would be fresh and just how I feel. 

I was so nervous,mainly about the negotiating of the stage and thankfully that went ok,so with that fear gone the show went on. 

Chipmunk walked on carrying a great big star and walked to the back off the stage,where he stayed for most of the show. 

It was quite hard to see him,just every now and then I could see a big star bobbing up and down and I knew that it was him! 

The story was about God holding auditions for his big show,the birth of Jesus and it was done in a X Factor style. 

So traditional and up to date at the same time. 

There was all the lead characters,Mary,Joseph,Innkeepers,Animals,Angels,Wise Men,A very enigmatic Herod and of course Stars and Chipmunk was a Star. 

The children sang beautifully,there was a solo by Mary and the choir constantly sang enthusiastically. 

Chipmunks lines were;

"We think we will make great Christmas Stars" 

And God replied; "You will!" 

There is something special about seeing a nativity,some of the parents had a few tears in their eyes. 

It truly signifies Christmas to me. 

I loved the way the children dismounted from the stage they kinda did their own thing and some jumped down,they looked happy.

Chipmunk ran and flung his arms round me,which as he was carrying a big star on a pole resulted with me being hit on the head with a star! 

That's where the video ended playing! 

Very Chipmunk though!

It was brilliant to watch and now next on the list for Chipmunk is the school disco,tomorrow night. 

Christmas activities all over the place :-)

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