Saturday, December 3, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Patience Needed But Worth The Effort

This week Chipmunk and I made a advent chain 

Read about that here

It was a fiddly job and patience was needed


On December 1st Chipmunk leaped out of bed and excitedly undid one link on his chain

All by himself

Even before he ate his chocolate Advent Calendar!

That has got to equal success!

So all the preparation,time and effort was worth it!

Here is our chain
Its very long at the moment
I liked the idea so much I made some with the nursery children too.

Linking up with Cate at Show My Face

There are such a good bunch of people who join in with this...I love it!

And for everybody who commented on my Advent Calender 6WS its working a treat!

That piece of choc a day may be small but its powerful!

And I'm loving it!


  1. we used to do that too at school during christmas..

    patience is a virtue :)

    happy SWS!

  2. I used to make those as a kid too. They are great for little kiddies eye hand coordination, especially when made with glue. And all the more fun when it comes with a little chocky. Your little one is clearly loving it!

  3. I've never seen advent chains before but what a great idea. I too am the mum of three boys only mine are teenagers now - I'm certain that they would be a little distressed if I made them make advent chains with me now - pity!

  4. what a great idea- I am going to sedn this on to my dil, have fun- and yes it is so worthwhile!

  5. Wonderful idea and so much fun!
    Love your blog name!
    Happy 6WS!

  6. Great looking chain! We used to do that with our kids when they were younger and still at home. Good visual picture of how many days to Christmas!


  7. We had quite the discussion on Twitter last week about various Advent calendars. I think the idea of a chain is neat! Thanks for playing 6WS!