Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Tiger

Dear Tiger
Tomorrow you will be 19years old!

 My little Christmas baby.

I mean seriously how has that time flown!

I cant believe I have known you for 19 years,
But at the same time it feels like I have known you forever.

As Iam preparing for your family tea tomorrow ,I have been thinking of how it was all those years ago.

I had a long and hard birth and you,Tiger, was a bashed little baby when you finally arrived.

One of my friends commented that you looked like a little boxer!

You had a suspected fractured skull,black eye & a scar that you have still,
I like to think it is a Harry Potter scar,even all those years ago you had a link with Harry Potter :-)

Because you was so bruised I wasn't even allowed to hold you much during those first few days,
You had a sign on your cot saying 
''I have a headache,please do not pick me up!''

I spent the whole of that first night with you listening to you cry softly and when I tried to get you out the cot,the nurse shouted at me and I was told to put you back!

If you had been my second baby I wouldn't have listened,I would have been a stronger mum
But as a first time mum I thought the nurses knew best.

I do regret that now but hindsight is a wonderful thing or so one of my good friends tells me regularly!

When we took you home the massiveness of being a mum hit me like a ton of bricks!

The knowledge that you were so dependent on us for everything was a pretty scary thing.

But it soon wore of and you were the easiest little baby I have ever known.

Every parent should have a baby like you to practise with :-)

Every milestone you hit absolutely on the dot!

You rolled,sat,crawled,walked and talked just like the baby books predicted!

And you was so sociable and happy,which is true to this day.

You have grown into a lovely teenager,

I couldn't ask for a nicer son

And yet another thing has just hit me ~ this is your last year as a teenager!

Oh my goodness,now I'm even more freaked out!

Make the most of this year Tiger,
Have fun
Coz that's what teenagers are supposed to do!

Loads of Love always,first born child of mine

Love Mum

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