Sunday, September 18, 2011


Chipmunk loves MotoGP and when I say loves MotoGp I really mean loves MotoGp!

He watches every single bit of the race build up and this lasts days!
First on day one it's the practice,then on day two it's the qualifying and then on day three it's the actual race.
And each session lasts a long,long time because all three groups of bikes have to do each thing.This means Chipmunk could sit in front of the television for hours on three consecutive days which I really don't like.

But he does love it so!He knows all the riders names and what category they race in,he loves to predict who will win each race,he likes to see the different tracks and he can have a really knowledgeable discussion with anyone about MotoGp.

He has a book now where he keeps all the practice times

This seems to calm him down as he can sit and see the names of his beloved bike riders

His love of the bikes runs through to different areas of his life.Our cul de sac has now become a race track,he has a pit lane bit,a starting line and a garage part where he pretends to change tyres.

On a race weekend you may as well forget anything else because even if you try to take him out his mind is only on one thing.So I've come to the conclusion that while this craze lasts I'll go with it,that's why I'm writing this now as he's sat on the settee eyes fixed on the television!

Life as we know it!Totally and utterly bike mad!

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