Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear So and So...

I love reading the posts at Kats Dear So And So meme so this week Ive joined in and here are my little notes ;-)

Dear Sunshine
Thank you so much for making an appearance just when everybody had given up any thought of warm weather this year! Everybody has dug their summer clothes out again,vest tops and floaty skirts are evident on the school run and the Ice cream man has a que a mile long when the kids come out of school (bet he's been pleasantly surprised by this sudden hot weather) Stay as long as you like sunshine and your friend blue sky,
Love from Flip,Flop Girl
Dear Lunch Box Note
Thank you for nestling in my sons lunchbox and then suprising him when he eats his lunch.You make him smile and remember that he has a family that loves him and a loving home.And in the middle of the day it is really important for him to remember that :-)
Love from his soppy mum
Dear Discarded Armband,
I know it must make you feel unloved and unwanted as you lie on the side of the swimming pool amongst the floats and wobbles and watch your matching armband still on it's owners arm playing happily in the water but you have done your job well and your owner is getting that little bit stronger and doesn't need your help quite as much.Please dont fret we will still take you to swim lessons each week and we don't forget how important and useful you have been to us,
Love from a grateful mum and a stronger swimming boy! ********************************************************
Dear Scooter,
Thank you for coming down to school with me this week.You have made a young boy very happy and his street cred has gone up at home time,just because of you! And even though you are noisy and have a tendency to clonk me on the leg as I carry you to school the above facts make me love you :-)
Love from a happy but bruised scooter carrier ************************************************

I could go on but time is running out!


  1. Fantastic - they have made me smile! All of them so true xx

  2. I love notes in lunchboxes! I went through a phase of writing on a banana or an orange - the kids loved it!

  3. Giving up arm bands! What a huge step!

  4. Thanks everybody for your comments :-) I had such a good time writing these letters,I'm worried how natural it was for me to talk to objects such as armbands etc :-)

  5. Oh and I love the idea of writing on a banana,Iam definitely going to try that one,thanks for sharing :-) xx