Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things I Know

Playing along with Shae at this weeks Things I Know Well this week I know..

That I have absolutely had a fab summer holidays this year and I'am well pleased with everything I have done.

Bike riding with Chipmunk is still enthralling me totally!And the more we practice the steadier he gets and the more confident I get in his abilities and it is becoming a pleasure instead of a nerve wracking experience!It makes me want to shout woohoo!

I need to prepare for school pretty swiftly!No clothes labelled yet and still,yes still the summer scrapbook to complete ~ it will be the death of me!But it is a beauty!

I'm really enjoying blogging and the lovely people I'am meeting *waves to you all*

I'd better stop now as I have got a telly date with my lovely Sharky and I know I dont want to miss that!


  1. aaaah Summer. I am looking forward to summer.

  2. I know that I am really looking forward to summer. It's been a horrid winter.

  3. Life sounds busy and fun at your place! I have a couple of scrapping albums lying neglected at the bottom of the wardrobe from last summer!

  4. Thanks for the comments everybody :-) The summer scrap book is a project from the school,they gave each child a scrapbook to complete it and take it back to school when they go next week.No pressure at all...eek!

  5. So excited about summer on the way here!!

    Thanks for joining in