Thursday, September 29, 2011


At the weekend we went to visit Tigers girlfriend who has just started at uni.

It's about a hours drive from where we live,so not to far but far enough when you have been used to seeing people on a daily basis.

When she went away last Tuesday it was dreadful,she looked so scared and I really did not like the thought of her on her own away from her people.
So I was really pleased to be seeing her at uni now she had settled in.

It was a lovely car ride there and Chipmunk was very happy,he had heard there was a bouncy castle there!

We eventually arrived,parked up,met up with her and Tiger ( he had gone up there on Saturday and was coming home with us later).

We went to the uni cafe and had pots of tea and yummy teacakes with real butter,it was so windy though I ended up eating half my hair as well as the tea cake and the butter papers kept blowing everywhere and splatting on people's clothes!
Chipmunk had a whole packet of cheese and onion crisps,the same ones as his big bro had eaten and he was so pleased with himself as he normally doesn't get a whole pack to himself.

We then went to search for the bouncy castle and Chipmunk had a good old bounce on it,he was really red when he came off it & we had to get him a drink!

We went to see her room,it was through locked doors where identity cards let you in and out,up quite a few flights of stairs and along long corridors,where lots of doors had pictures of all kinds of things,apparently there was a competition for the best dressed door later that week.

The room was nice,it had a view of the grassy area outside and had a desk in there for all the studying she will be doing!

There was countless photos stuck on the wall and it was a little bit strange to see Tiger on most of them but nice too,nice to know someone thinks a lot of him :-)

We then walked into Lincoln and Chipmunk was so happy!He ran,skipped and jumped all the way which made my heart melt as I love to see him move freely.

We came to a extremely steep hill which was aptly called 'Steep Hill' it was cobbled streets and very quaint!

A bit further on was a cathedral

And a castle

There seems to be a lot of history in Lincoln.

We went and had a look around a few shops and ended up in McDonalds as we were getting peckish,by this time it was getting late so we headed back to uni and said our goodbyes.

I really enjoyed looking around at the uni but I did not like leaving her there :-/ I know it's going to be a great experience for her but we miss her.

It was a fab day tho,nice to be out with my mum and dad,nice to see Tiger and his girlfriend happy together and nice to see Chipmunk skip happily around Lincoln.

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