Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sat Here Waiting For Chipmunk

Well the first day back at school has finally come and I'm sat here waiting to go and pick Chipmunk up!He was ok this morning but understandably nervous.
When I went into his bedroom to wake him I said 'Are you ready for juniors?'
To which he replied 'Yes,ready and able.'
By breakfast though he was more reticent and he came up and cuddled me saying 'I think I just cant do this'
He did do it though and all day I have been wondering: did he manage at playtime,has he eaten his lunch ok,has he had anyone to play with,has he got lost,did he miss his home.
Well I will soon find out because its time to pick him up,I hope hes had a super day!We shall soon see!

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