Friday, September 2, 2011

Cars 2

Even before the school holidays began there was one thing Chipmunk wanted to do ~ watch Cars 2.

Well we have done loads of things this holiday but we had not watched Cars 2,not until this morning that is.

I began to get quite worried that the movie would be taken off the cinema before we had seen it and I was put right by Chipmunk who kept saying that if he didn't get to see it he would be *so* upset!
It was the one thing he wanted to do so we just had to do it!

There was only one showing a day at 10.45am so the teens had to get up at a early hour :-) blurry eyed teens!

It was a great film though and I really enjoyed it.
The plot was intense with all the spy undertones but as with Cars the message was that we all need friends and we should respect our friends no matter what.

It was a nice trip out with all the boys and a great way to end the summer holidays.

Killer comment I guess, was when Chipmunk said (just as the movie started) "I can't wait for Cars 3!" Hmm please don't let's be on countdown for that now!

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  1. So funny that he already can't wait for the next Cars. Thanks for visiting Mess for Less. I am a new follower.

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