Friday, July 12, 2013


Belief lives in our hearts.
We can't touch it,see it or capture it.
It's always just beyond our grasp.
It shimmers delicately out of reach,
Sending wispy ethereal thoughts into our minds
Just to let us know it is really there.
It's not tangible,it's a dream,a wish,a gut feeling,a hope.
Do you believe.....?
I do. 

Written for the prompt Believe over at Two Shoes Tuesday  


  1. Excellent thoughts on belief, Jess! You are so right that sometimes we just know things in our hearts and minds and it can be so hard to explain to others. I do indeed believe, that's what has kept me alive and knowing that I can get through anything life brings! Thank you so much for this great Two Shoes Tuesday write!

    1. Oh my comment back to you Josie didnt send..again...I must be jinxed!And now i've forgot what I said,oh grrrr! Hmmmm...well thanks for your comment and I think I said that without belief I would have found certain things even harder than I did,although it may be hard to believe sometimes,Im so glad that I do :-)

  2. You have to believe. In belief there is hope.

    1. I love those words,thanks Ann :-)

  3. Nice, Jess ~~ Yes, with most belief there is doubt. But the wonderful part of belief is that we have overcome or dealt with that doubt in some way. Evidence, revelation, testimony of others all come into it.

    Then with our belief we can act accordinly believing the matter is the truth.