Monday, July 29, 2013

Goodbye Year Four
Chips last week in year four was so busy for me I didn't know if I was coming or going,standing on my head or feet.I hardly had time to breathe,seriously.

But in with all that I knew it was Chips last week as a year four and I wanted to savour some of those memories of my young nine year old son. 

So I looked carefully and here is what I found. 

Monday The walk home from school. It was one of those incredibly hot school pick ups. People wilting in the playground,fanning themselves with any scrap of paper they could find and looking at one another dying to say 'Its too hot' but knowing the unspoken code Don't moan about the sun when we have spent most of the year complaining about the rain and the cold. 

You could see it in people's eyes,this need to say they were too hot but stopping themselves from uttering the forbidden words please go away for a while Mr Sunshine

The kids however were not so politically correct and they came out of school hot and bothered.

Especially Chips. 

Hair sticking to his head,carrying his heavy bag on his shoulder,he just wanted to get home as soon as possible.

I was stood in my usual spot under the trees and he just looked at me and I knew it was going to be quite a tetchy walk home!

And it was! Nothing I said was right and he was tunnel visioned into getting home,stripping his sticky school uniform off and plumping down in his favourite spot on the sofa.

I didn't blame him,I can say it was too hot!

Tuesday I had to wake Chips up today. Yep that old kiddie thing...get up early at the weekend but sleep late on a school day. I bet every parent has encountered that scenario!

I think the heat and tiredness had finally caught up with him and he was fast asleep when I went to get him up for school.

I sat in the bed and stroked his mop of unruly hair and even that didn't wake him at first.

When he did wake though,he sat bolt upright within a second and was ready to jump out of bed and eat his brek.

Wednesday We walked back home through the field today. Chips friend had a dental appointment,so we went home via the field.

I love walking through the field.
Instead of the pavement and the buggies,parents,scooters,cars,
dogs etc you have to negotiate your way through normally,you just get greenness. 
Trees,grass,maybe horse poo as well but in general it's a prettier walk home.

So we strolled home through the field. Nice.

Thursday On Thursday Chips best friend had a bad nosebleed at school. So the walk home included keeping a very watchful eye on a very pale boy!Chips told everyone he possibly could that J was 'pale white 
I think it unnerved the children to see one of their friends unwell. It was also the day the children brought their school work home! And Chips couldn't wait to show me all his work. A eventful night!

Friday This morning we walked to school and stopped to look at the roses.

We have been walking by the most beautiful border of roses all summer and today we stopped to really look closely at them.

My favourites at first glance were the yellow ones. I just kind of like most yellow things at the moment.

But when I looked closer I fell in love with the creamy coloured roses. They had such a delicate touch of pink around the edge of the petals and for some strange reason they reminded me of ice cream! So that sold them to me! No honestly I do think they are truly beautiful and now I have looked closer Iam really liking roses.

Chippie liked the red roses best.

And that was the week that was!

Snippets from my boys last week as a year four

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