Saturday, July 27, 2013


Found a conker yesterday on our walk to the park.

We passed under our favourite conker tree and Chips wondered if there would be any conkers about.
I said it would be very doubtful as it is only July and any that were on the ground would not be viable big shiny conkers instead they would be little underdeveloped ones.

"Conkers need to stay on the tree" I said and Chips agreed.

But nevertheless we did find a conker!

And yep it was not big and shiny like they are in September but it pleased Chips and it made me think....

Of autumn and of wrapping up tightly in big hoodys and kicking leaves and marvelling at the colours of the trees and that autumn feel that I love and of course going to collect conkers

As a grown up,insert maybe here,I still love collecting conkers and having got to this age and still loving it I guess it's something that I won't be growing out of! And this conversation with Chips did make me smile,perhaps I have passed a bit of it onto him,I hope so.

But for now conker season is not on my radar.

Not. At. All.

Because its the summer hols!

Days spent lazily wandering round doing things on our time schedule not the frantic work/school schedule that is our usual path for too many weeks of the year.

So although I do love you little conkers,stay up in that tree for a while longer,you have lots of growing to do and we have lots of playing to do. Ok...


  1. My English ex-husband taught me to play conkers the way he used to with his brother: running a string through a couple of them and flicking them one at the other. I mostly came away with bruised knuckles!

    1. Hi Kate,yes conkers can be a pretty violent game!Especially when played with competitive people!Its been banned from many school playgrounds for those very reasons!