Sunday, July 7, 2013

The School BBQ

And the sun shone for the school BBQ.

Lots of families turned up and they ran out of beer by 7.15pm!

Altogether they raised over £1,600 which I think is pretty amazing.

Chips had such a good time that he didn't want to leave...hmm let's stop right there!

He went on some roundabout rides and a big inflatable slide.

He scoffed some sweeties and a hot dog and drank the worlds cheapest blackcurrant drink...20p! How much of a bargain is that!

He wandered around and chattered to his classmates with a confidence that warmed my heart and made me acknowledge how far he has come since the first school BBQ two years ago.

Oh and he got lost....perhaps that's the subject of a different post!


I meanwhile sat and watched...

I chattered to a few people and oohed and ahhed at how all the children were growing and then I sat on my own and watched.

I saw lots of people having a good time,groups of friends chattering and having a drink.

Children dashing here,there and everywhere,girls wearing floaty summer dresses and pretty sandals and boys in trendy shirts and shorts.

The teachers working so hard!Perhaps not what you need after a long week at work,the school BBQ,but they were all smiley and happy.

The atmosphere was good,the school raised a lot of money and the kids were extremely happy,a good night for all I guess.


  1. This sounds great....apart from the running out of beer part...I love a summer fete!

    An excellent amount raised!! Well done!!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. Hi Kate,wasn't it a lot of money they raised!We did have a good time and the kids had a ball,which is as it should be I think :-)

  3. It is nice to hear that community gatherings like thos still happen to support a good cause. Sounds like a great evening of friends and fun!