Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Love You Mum

My little Chips is not a drawer at all.

In fact it would be fair to say he hates to draw.

He gets stressed,can't think of ideas and worst of all thinks everything he draws is terrible.

This makes me sad on two counts...

1. It so pains me to see him be scared to doodle and for him to truly think his work is not good enough because obviously to me his work is beautiful.

2. I haven't got many of his free drawings and I so miss these!I love children's drawings and their first attempts at writing and with Chipmunk these are very few and far between.

So can you imagine what I thought when I saw this left on the dining room table the other evening

I was so happy I could have squealed,infact inside I did!

It's now stuck on on the fridge.

Something's are worth waiting for!

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