Thursday, February 21, 2013

Butterscotch Tart

A couple of days ago I was alerted to the fact that my eldest son had been eating butterscotch tart without me knowing!

I opened his sandwich box and saw & smelt the evidence...lightly coloured crumbs,a sliver foil container and the unmistakable smell of once I knew what had happened... he had gone to a bakery while he was at work and bought a yummity scrummity butterscotch tart.

I immediately questioned him and from the grin on his face I knew it was true!

Oh the pain... I needed a butterscotch tart too... it just wasn't fair... where was mine...

Well six days later said son came home and handed me a package and inside was....yep you've guessed it... Butterscotch Tart!

How pleased was I....try a million,trillion,squillion bits pleased!

Pleased because I had the sticky,yummy,caramely tart in my hand and it was all mine,mine,mine but more pleased at the thought that my boy had gone to the shop and brought me one,it could have been made out of anything and I would have eaten it...mealy worms,witchetty grubs,kangaroo testicles,crocodiles bum... well perhaps not but you get the was the thought that counted more than anything,nothing to do with the sticky delicious tart I had in my hands...and we all believe that,don't we!

Ta T,you're a star and your mum was well impressed!

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