Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Hammie Babes
Today I took six of my hammie babies to the farm park.

We have got too many hammies,some needed to be rehomed,it had to be done.

I found a place where I thought they would be well treated and have a good quality of life...a farm park.

The staff were brilliant,they said how lovely the hamsters were and reassured me about what would happen to the hamsters.

If I want I can even ring up and find out how they are doing.

It had to be done and I think I have found a perfect place for them....

so why do I feel so very sad

I'm lost without them!

Even tho I have plenty more hamsters!

They had names,I had looked after them,I feel the house is bare without them,even tho it was unbearably cluttered up with them!

We found out that all the ones we had taken to the farm were girls!

Six girls!

That's made it worse!

I keep thinking couldn't we have put them all in together and had a big hammie girlie cage!

But what is done is done and it is for the best...I think!

I'm still reeling from the shock that Nip Nip was a girl! I swore down Nip was a boy! But apparently not!

I hope they are ok and we will be visiting the farm over half term to see if we can have a peep at them.
It's quite a nice feeling to think that we can go and see them again...

But still I miss them...

No hammie scuffling noises in the places where there used to be hammie scuffling noises.

Perhaps when I've moved their cages it may be better and at last my beloved hammie Rafferty will have a proper cage

dude you are getting a real cage

It is for the best,I know in my head it is for the best but tonight my heart is that bit lost and more than a little bit sad

Bye my hammies,have a fun time on the farm


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