Monday, February 4, 2013

If I Had A Desk
I love the idea of a desk!!I really do!

I can picture it in my mind...a lovely coordinated desk.

All tidy and neat,with a shiny laptop on it and drawers full of pens,paper clips,sellotape,prit sticks,gel pens and of course notepads, I love notepads with a passion!

It would have drawers with everything in such good order.Everything filed away so that I could just put my finger on any document I needed in less than ten seconds,marvellous.

In my mind it would be oh so neat,a little haven to go to when I wanted to write or if I needed to do any school work.
I would just plonk myself down and be able to work immediately,without any hassle,everything I could possibly need just there waiting ... bliss!

Oh and I think I would have a secret stash of goodies in there...haribos for when I wanted sweeties and chocolate for when I just needed chocolate.Only for medicinal and thinking purposes of course...chocolate does cure all ills doesn't it?Tell me yes!

But in reality what would my desk really look like... big grins!!! 

A terrible bloomin mess!

It would be piled high with stuff that you would only have to look at for it to collapse and tumble noisily to the ground creating a pile of muddled up paperwork that would take forever to put back into any kind of order.

The drawers would never properly close,why would they,I have not got a drawer in the house that closes properly,too much rammel shoved in them.
I think it's truly impossible for a drawer of mine to close properly...I really do!

So maybe a desk would not be a good idea after all,just another place to precariously balance stuff.

A girl can but dream tho!

Inspired by my mate who keeps apples in their drawers...should be a law against that...choccie rules all the way here!

Anybody else have their own desk?Is it tidy or is it a unholy mess?And are its drawers healthy or junky?Tell me more!

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